Your safety and mine:

Before your appointment:
A risk assessment form will be completed
The night before your appointment I will call you to find out whether anything has changed since we completed the risk assessment.
What to bring:
A bottle of water for during and after the treatment for your personal use.
Hand sanitiser.
Face covering or mask. 
On arrival:
Please arrive alone and stay in your car until your allotted appointment time. 
I will come and find you at your car and take your temperature with a forehead thermometer.
If all is well we will walk socially distanced down to the Rowan Tree.
If you do have a raised temperature we will have to postpone the treatment.
If any money has been taken it will be refunded to you or put towards your next treatment.
At The Rowan Tree:
Come in and take off your shoes and socks and sit in the Lafuma chair or lie back and relax on the massage couch.  We will try to stay 2m apart as far as is practicable. 
I will make sure you are comfortable with throws and pillows etc. All throws, pillow protectors and pillowcases, and all towels will have been freshly washed at 60 degrees for each client. 
All hard surfaces, the door and window handles,  the couch and Lafuma will have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before you arrive. The carpet will have been hoovered before and after each client. Any Rugs on the floor will be changed for fresh ones between each client appointment.
I will use an air ioniser to purify the air in The Rowan Tree during the treatment and will thoroughly ventilate the room before, between, and after each client.

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