What is Reflexology?

 - is a form of healing whereby the whole body is treated by applying           gentle pressure to reflexes in the feet.
 - works on many levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual
 - is deeply relaxing.
 -  stimulates the body's own healing processes thus enabling a state of      balance and wellbeing.
During a treatment the whole body and its systems, organs and glands are worked by different techniques of pressing corresponding reflexes in the foot. Amongst other things, Reflexology is very good for the circulation as it stimulates blood flow, and it is also beneficial for the nervous system.  It helps to relieve stress, the foundation of all dis-ease.
Although it emerged as a complementary therapy in the latter 20th century, evidence suggests that a form of Reflexology was practised 5000 years ago. There are drawings on the wall of the tomb of Ankhmahor in Egypt that show a person giving a foot massage to another. The tomb dates from around 2330BC.
However, it was in the 1930s that a physiotherapist, Eunice Ingham, mapped reflex points on the feet with corresponding organs and glands of the body, and developed the techniques that are used in Modern Reflexology today. 


during a treatment

On a client's first visit there is a consultation. A confidential full medical history is taken and there is a chance to chat about any particular reason for coming for treatment.


The possibility of a course of treatments may be discussed depending on the client's individual needs, however It is perfectly fine to simply come for a one-off treatment.


Clients remain fully clothed,  only shoes and socks are removed on entering to keep the floor clean. 


For Reflexology clients should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes in order for the calf and lower leg to be accessible for massage. They should also wear socks, which will be removed prior to treatment, 

After the treatment: Clients are given a glass of water, a moment to relax, and then a moment to reflect on their treatment with the therapist before they go. Aftercare advice will also be given.

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